Name Accession Flow Cytometry Cell Imaging
YYKL138C YYKL138C -1.60502 Normal
YPR201W ARR3 0.322051 Lighter
YPR200C ARR2 -0.256477 Lighter
YPR199C ARR1 0.00634786 Lighter
YPR198W SGE1 0.652992 Lighter
YPR197C YPR197C 0.0615003 Lighter
YPR196W YPR196W 0.441461 Normal
YPR195C YPR195C 0.546941 Normal
YPR194C OPT2 0.755699 Normal
YPR193C HPA2 0.22471 Normal
YPR192W AQY1 0.856822 Normal
YPR191W QCR2 -1.00313 Normal
YPR189W SKI3 -0.227361 Normal
YPR188C MLC2 -0.197908 Normal
YPR185W APG13 0.133606 Normal

The whole archive is available as bulk downloads, with the analysed results.