Name Accession Flow Cytometry Cell Imaging
YDR380W ARO10 -0.160374 Not Annotated
YGL148W ARO2 -2.07353 Dim
YDR035W ARO3 0.472661 Normal
YBR249C ARO4 0.987976 Normal
YPR060C ARO7 0.420345 Normal
YGL202W ARO8 0.387769 Normal
YDR421W ARO80 0.514138 Normal
YLR085C ARP6 -1.50457 Smaller
YOR141C ARP8 -2.84783 Normal
YPR199C ARR1 0.00634786 Lighter
YPR200C ARR2 -0.256477 Lighter
YPR201W ARR3 0.322051 Lighter
YMR116C ASC1 -1.29248 Lighter
YOR058C ASE1 0.0844288 Lighter
YJL115W ASF1 -0.99872 Smaller

The whole archive is available as bulk downloads, with the analysed results.