Name Accession Flow Cytometry Cell Imaging
YKL046C YKL046C -0.176251 Normal
YJL208C NUC1 0.433109 Normal
YGR010W YGR010W 0.360109 Normal
YGL004C YGL004C 0.882407 Normal
YIL073C SPO22 -0.120714 Normal
YLR438W CAR2 -0.888674 Normal
YIL010W DOT5 0.812536 Normal
YBR144C YBR144C -0.101533 Normal
YLL025W YLL025W -0.364658 Normal
YMR265C YMR265C 0.351004 Normal
YOL059W GPD2 -2.49372 Normal
YDR109C YDR109C -0.461523 Normal
YHL023C YHL023C 0.570248 Normal
YKL057C NUP120 -0.996436 Normal
YJL207C YJL207C 0.261874 Normal

The whole archive is available as bulk downloads, with the analysed results.