Name Accession Flow Cytometry Cell Imaging
YEL051W VMA8 -3.73297 Not Annotated
YIL154C IMP2 -3.72125 Mislocalized
YLL019C KNS1 -3.65848 Lighter
YMR318C YMR318C -3.62088 Not Annotated
YOL086C ADH1 -3.47535 Dim
YBR127C VMA2 -3.43224 Lighter
YOR029W YOR029W -3.3614 Lighter
YGL218W YGL218W -3.2843 Not Annotated
YDR418W RPL12B -3.251 Lighter
YLR357W RSC2 -3.21065 Lighter
YER087W YER087W -3.16447 Not Annotated
YPL005W YPL005W -3.15434 Normal
YLR268W SEC22 -3.14665 Normal
YDL032W YDL032W -3.13068 Normal
YOR078W BUD21 -3.09434 Normal

The whole archive is available as bulk downloads, with the analysed results.