Name Accession Flow Cytometry Cell Imaging
YPR141C KAR3 -0.612836 Normal
YPR145W ASN1 0.151447 Normal
YPR146C YPR146C -0.0399504 Normal
YPR147C YPR147C 0.0452923 Normal
YPR148C YPR148C 0.0775184 Normal
YPR149W NCE102 0.573851 Normal
YPR150W YPR150W 0.810725 Normal
YPR151C YPR151C 0.146864 Normal
YPR152C YPR152C 0.292819 Normal
YPR154W YPR154W 0.369975 Normal
YPR155C NCA2 0.353462 Normal
YPR156C YPR156C 1.08504 Normal
YPR157W YPR157W 0.560468 Normal
YPR158W YPR158W -0.458379 Normal
YPR159W KRE6 -2.66135 Dim

The whole archive is available as bulk downloads, with the analysed results.