Name Accession Flow Cytometry Cell Imaging
YPR030W CSR2 -0.273456 Normal
YPR031W YPR031W 0.969368 Normal
YPR036W VMA13 -1.04545 Normal
YPR037C ERV2 0.706551 Normal
YPR038W YPR038W 0.201822 Normal
YPR039W YPR039W 0.594747 Normal
YPR040W SDF1 1.52427 Normal
YPR042C PUF2 -0.00124077 Normal
YPR044C YPR044C 1.02115 Normal
YPR045C YPR045C 0.504566 Normal
YPR046W MCM16 0.708395 Lighter
YPR049C CVT9 0.538507 Not Annotated
YPR050C YPR050C 1.28732 Normal
YPR051W MAK3 1.15551 Lighter
YPR052C NHP6A 0.727847 Normal

The whole archive is available as bulk downloads, with the analysed results.