Name Accession Flow Cytometry Cell Imaging
YMR190C SGS1 -4.9799 Mislocalized
YMR238W DFG5 -4.96356 Lighter
YOR327C SNC2 -4.96233 Normal
YMR221C YMR221C -4.94579 Mislocalized
YMR247C YMR247C -4.93779 Normal
YMR245W YMR245W -4.92971 Mislocalized
YOL076W MDM20 -4.9117 Lighter
YMR259C YMR259C -4.89541 Normal
YMR251W-A HOR7 -4.88667 Mislocalized
YMR253C YMR253C -4.86974 Normal
YOL012C HTZ1 -4.85222 Lighter
YMR226C YMR226C -4.84518 Normal
YMR244C-A YMR244C-A -4.83554 Mislocalized
YMR250W GAD1 -4.70148 Normal
YMR262W YMR262W -4.68658 Not Annotated

The whole archive is available as bulk downloads, with the analysed results.